We've decided to delay the release of EliteSB v4, because of the very limited amount of consistent players we have. James has stopped streaming, and we haven't been able to get anyone else to take his place. The #1 thing we are focused on with this server is marketing. If there are no players to play on the server, then there's no point in releasing an update. If you are one of the few people who actually plays EliteSB when there isn't someone streaming, I have to give you a huge round of applause.

The following is a change-log for the past couple of weeks on EliteSB.
- Made slight improvements to the shop. Hopefully soon there will be a complete overhaul which will fix all of the issues there are with it currently, but this is a small step in the right direction.
- Released purge crate. Incredibly OP and is that way for a reason. Each key costs $5 and will just give you a way to catch up if you weren't there. You can also temporally win YT rank which is nice.
- Changed discord logo.
- Made improvements to the crate rewards and fixed a few crucial bugs.

That's all for right now and I can't wait to show you what we have for v4

Hello fellow players, if you have read the title of this post you will know what we are talking about, minigames. In Our free time TheDeadZombie Rainbowdotz and I make small little games to *cough* procrastinate *cough*. we have received various feedback on our games during streams, *cough* subscribe to thedeadzombie *cough* and we were wonder if we should actually use them, given Zombie's online we could have our own little unscheduled events. Again, this may not ever happen, we are just searching for feedback. At the moment we have a tennis-like game called Boop and a game called Zombie Says (a spin on Simon Says). In the end we'd be glad to have more activities where we can interact with our community.

I'm decently sure all this post is going to do it piss off the 75 people who created accounts before this update, but we have added a "Sign in with Google" and a "Sign in with Twitter" button to the forums. Because I'm 90% sure that everyone here has at least one of those accounts, this will make create accounts less, "extremely difficult," and, "tedious."
If you in fact already have an account, I'm pretty sure there is a link account button somewhere, but don't quote me on that.
Took us 6 months, but we've actually done something useful for this site.

Edit: In order to link a google or twitter account with an existing one, go to Your Account -> Settings -> External Accounts and then click the thing with the thing and your done. Good job.
Right, so the current application system for Mod, Builder, Developer, and Leader wasn't working, so we decided to change it up a bit.

We used to do developer applications through discord. The system WAS that you would message the leader of each group your application (Jack for builder, Vinny for developer, and me for leader) but the system wasn't widespread and left lot's of people confused. We have changed this and now require all applications to be sent to apply@eliteskyblock.com. Here you will be able to specify the rank you are applying for, and why you should be accepted. As these are paid positions, we have decided not to use the same system as we do with Mod Applications.


- Removed Helper, nobody applied and it was basically just a waste of space.
- Revamped Mod Application Format
- Create an email box for builder, developer, and leadership applications.
- Changed the staff vetting process slightly.
Hey, guys, it's your favorite staff member (Don't quote me on that)... I am the new game manager and I'll bring you updates and change logs so you guys know what the heck is going on! I just wanted to tell you guys that on Saturday, September 9th, 2017 we will be hosting an open beta! For the people who want to have a longer beta, you can apply for a staff rank or buy a donor rank! The people who do the following get access to the beta till the launch! (Your welcome) So mark your calendars and beg your parents for $20.00 and get ready to have an awesome sky block experience!

Shop: http://shop.elitesb.net/category/72861/
Applications: elitesb.net/forums/mod-applications.18/
Is EliteSB dead? Yes and no.

EliteSB is currently sitting at an average player count of 0 players, and the ip now actually leads to a server called MinePigs. This is NOT EliteSB. I am lazy and have not yet disabled it. When EliteSB died, we needed to figure out a way to make it fresh and interesting, we thought the best way to do that would be to create a completely new server setup. Everything down to the skyblock plugin would be changed. Well we had a few issues with that philosophy. 1) I'm extremely lazy and get distracted easily and 2) we had lots of staff working on the project get fired or quit. With that being said, EliteSB will not die, at any level. We will make sure we take every measure possible to make the player count rise. Oh, and trust me, the new server is lit. Thank all of you for sticking with us during this time.

Steven (TheDeadZombie)
Hello Fellow Adventurers
Have you ever wanted to share something with the players around you? Probably not, because sharing is caring, but nobody cares.
Any who, we now have a gifts plugin. This plugin allows you to share items with a GUI. You have to write out the command "/gift <Player>" A nine slot GUI will appear to put the item for the gift inside. Now just exit out of the GUI, the player will receive the message to do /redeem to, well, redeem their gift. When they do /redeem they will receive a mine cart with chest. Once they right click it they will receive the items. Overall, the gift plugin is a simple but dank plugin.
Your's Truly,
Hello Young Builders,
Okay, so your here for builder applications. I have Gotten a PM by Joe Schmoe (Not real name) going along the lines of this,
"Hey can I be Builder?! PLS?! Just want to help the server! I can add eggwars! (;" Yes that is a real PM I got, so I'm going to explain how you can apply. It's starts with you PMing me in Discord a paragraph or two, with proper grammar. Please do not use emoticons or acronyms (this also includes phrases such as "PLS?!"). A quick tip is try to keep paragraphs at least 250 characters long, unless it's for purposes such as quoting. I will not take your application seriously without these qualities. Once your application is accepted, you will be tested on your skill. You will have to build me something on our development server, let me repeat DEV SERVER! You will be graded on quality and detail. You will have a unlimited timeframe to build whatever I ask of you. Guess what, if you give me a picture of some one else build on Discord you won't automatically become Builder, WOAH WE KNOW HOW TO FIGURE OUT IF YOU'RE A FAKE! I digress, after that you will become a Builder, at that point you'll have to deal with me. This will probably be a dead end job.

Yours Truly,

A lot of people have been asking about this, so I want to give an answer: there are no warps and there will be no warps.
The warp system is commonly used on many servers to set "waypoints" at all of the important things on the server. While that is good and helps people around, there is one thing it lacks: it's not unique. While I was making this server I though, "Why is the /tp command specifically for teleporting to other people?", and "Why don't we use that command as the warp command?" I also wanted players to be able to set their own warps and having Admin created warps would become very confusing. I got in touch with someone on the dev team, but they haven't started making it yet. I will most likely pass the plugin off to someone else for now, but that is the reason you can't warp from place to place

Thank you,
Steven (TheDeadZombie)